Mission & Values

Who We Are

A Pittsburgh-based construction company founded with a desire to bring professionalism, top-notch project management, and transparent communication to the construction industry in Pittsburgh.

Whether it’s a residential remodel or a large scale commercial construction project, we can accommodate whatever construction needs you may have providing in-house carpentry and onboarding trustworthy subcontractors.


“To improve the quality of life in the communities in which we work.”

Core Values

Our core values are woven through our project management process, and guide us in uncertain situations.

Radical Transparency
Radical transparency is the foundation that all of our other values are built on. By maintaining straightforward and consistent communication with our clients, employees, suppliers and subcontractors, we solve problems before they arise, and maintain clear expectations with everyone that we work with.

Operational Excellence
We have a standard way of operating that allows us to deliver consistent project results. We constantly strive to improve our systems to deliver the highest quality end-product and best client experience 

Proactive Problem Solving
Construction is complex. We believe that despite this complexity, the vast majority of problems can be avoided with proper planning, proactive communication, and involving the right people throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Extreme Ownership
When things don’t go to plan, the first questions we ask are: “How is this our fault?”, “What can we learn from this?” and “What is the best next step to resolve the issue?” This type of extreme ownership keeps our team accountable, allows us to solve problems quickly, and ultimately maintain commitments to our clients.

Safety Above All
Our number one priority is that our crew members get home safe every day. We take safety extremely seriously, and continuously seek ways to improve our safety standards & practices.